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What a surprise!

One of the things I love most about living in Los Angeles is that at any time and place, you’re able to find new and different things anywhere in the city.

Turn any corner and you’ll discover different colors, shapes and some of the most unique designs.

And each and every time it happens–it’s always an unexpected and pleasant surprise,as if you received your order from best custom writing service https://bestwritingservice.com/.

Whenever you encounter something new and interesting, feelings of wonderment and happiness are not far from your heart and head.

You ask yourself what story is being told.

Located at the corner of North Spring Street, across the street from the Los Angeles Historical State Park is a simple office building, but it’s not that simple.

Although, I photographed these pictures a couple of months ago, perhaps, there’s a new design or image which has taken its place. In any case, this building is just one more example of the unexpected you’ll see around the city.

Each public art piece is unique.

Each public art piece has its own message.

Each public art piece is able to stand alone and be admired.

What do you think about when you see this?

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