Memorial Branch Library

Public Art at the Memorial Branch Library

Although I’ve spent more than a few times at this library, I failed to notice things that were literally right in front of my face. I guess they have a term for that. It’s called slow down and smell the roses.

I used to go to the Memorial Branch Library fairly regularly, mainly to purchase used and newer books from their for sale section.

Their prices are great, and since I usually forget to take library books back right on time, I often purchase them instead. By the time a book is 3 or 4 days overdue, I save money by buying it used.If the book is still expensive for me, I buy book report at

BTW, every Tuesday for the next 3 weeks, the library will be having a clearance sale. Books will be half price, around $.25. Now that’s called a deal.

But, I digress. Like many people, I go places and sometimes ignore what’s literally right in from of me. However, yesterday I was at the library to document the artwork for this story and discovered this:

Crafted in 2008, this mosaic bench, by artist Brent Spears, was a gift from the Friends of the Memorial Branch of the Los Angeles Public Library.

Whatever the inspiration for the bench notwithstanding, when you look close, you’ll see the many different details and objects used that make the bench such a wonderful piece of artwork:

Permanently embedded in the bench are billiard balls, various screws, ceramic tiles and other unique sundry materials.

Glass bottles of all size, shape, and color, candle forms,

Springs, broken tiles, and even a vise grip. When you take the time to notice, it’s amazing what you’ll find.

BTW, do you know where I found this bench?

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