Travelin’ Local’s Mapping Los Angeles Public Art


For MLAPA to initiate, compile, and complete a fully digitized, documented, cataloged, indexed, and photographed virtual map of all Public Art located throughout Los Angeles County and its surrounding areas.We understand that our mission is quite difficult, but nothing is impossible, especially when you have the support of the best custom research papers writing service Top-Papers.com.


Public Art is generally considered to consist of murals, paintings, sculptures, drawings, decorative fountains, public squares, tiles, or a combination of all of these, but with the commonality of the artwork located and to be appreciated, viewed, and kept outdoors. This includes integrated permanent public art enhancements, temporary or portable visual art commissions, restoration of historic artworks, and the creation of cultural spaces or programming. Los Angeles’ unique Mediterranean climate is well suited for appreciating, viewing, and displaying outdoor art.  Reflecting ton he cultural diversity in Los Angeles, public art celebrates the role of the artist in the community. 

Definition of Public Art

The Department of Cultural Art Affairs of the City of Los Angeles maintains certain assumptions about public art, including:

Public Art is both product and process

Public Art is not intended as decoration of the urban environment

Public Art may be different than art of the moment (what is fashionable).

Public Art in Los Angeles has the unique capacity to bring the experience of art to a broad and diverse group of citizens by engaging the active urban landscape.  However, without constant maintenance, as time progresses, many public art objects are lost due to the destruction of the physical building, repainting and remaking of surfaces and landscapes, renovations, and the effects of natural elements such as decay, dust, debris, time, which cause irreversible damage.  Therefore, by mapping, cataloging, indexing, and photographing these great works of art, MLAPA will create the most up-to-date and current compendium and record of the area’s Public Art that has ever been accomplished or been undertaken as a serious art initiative. This effort should result in raising public awareness about Public Art and to increased funding to preserve, maintain, salvage, and save our public art for future generations.

How Mapping Los Angeles Public Art can be used

MLAPA will provide descriptive data on the art and art works, their locations, the artists, a description of the type of particular art, and any and all other relevant data that can be obtained. When viewing the MLAPA project, one can click various online icons, and as the project progresses, every individual image will be available for viewing. Through searches, the participant can locate each individual installation via keyword, artist, location, city, description, or a combination of words and subject.

How MLAPA will gather Information

Using various research sources, including but not limited to USC, the Smithsonian Institution, Social and Public Art Resource Center (SPARC), the Los Angeles County Arts Commission, current public and private databases, and our readers, Travelin’ Local will exhaustively cross reference all available sources to strive to include as many Public Art pieces and information as possible.

Mapping Los Angeles Public Art project Benefits

1.  Education

2.  Tourism

3.  Research

4.  History

5.  Local Exhibitions, Celebrations, and Fundraiser events

6.  Publications

7. Arts appreciation

8. Compilation and Knowledge Management by comprehensive Indexing and Database Management

9. Virtual Mapping for visual and special understanding, viewing, and traveling

10. Additional project initiatives

Mapping Los Angeles Public Art project Clients

1. City, County, State and Federal Agencies and officials

2. Libraries

3. Universities and colleges

4. Scholars and Historians

5. Museums, Galleries, and Arts Foundations

6. All age group middle and elementary schools

7. The general public

8. Book publishers

9. Technology Companies

10. Artists, Art Databases, and Artistic academia

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