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Michael Jackson Mural

Michael Jackson is, without exaggeration, a fantastic personality. There are many films,books about him, and you also can order an essay on his biography.But today we will talk about the fresco.

The idea and reality of having our urban and public landscape as a place to display, create, and to appreciate art is ingrained in the heart of LA. Aptly labeled—Public Art—allows people the ability to enjoy, view, and appreciate multiple artists and their multi-faceted creations. In this, the plethora of beautiful images, sculptures, buildings, and murals, become unique and a part of a neighborhood, a borough, a city, a state, and a nation.

Most people enjoy and appreciate museums and art galleries; but there’s something very exciting and inexplicably unique in having that museum on the streets, so to speak. When that public “museum” comes to us in the form of public murals, drawings, sculptures, and statues– I often ponder and wonder how much work, effort, and techniques went into creating any particular piece of Public Art.

Rest in Peace, Michael Jackson

Above is a mural located across the street from the Jensen Melrose Theatre on Melrose Ave. It’s by a local artist named Rabbi at DTLADesigns, who created a video of himself while painting this. 

It’s amazing all of the different art forms you can see while Travelin’ Local.  It just takes a little looking around.

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