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Figueroa Courtyard

Figueroa Courtyard in Downtown Los Angeles, at the corner of 3rd and Figueroa, is a unique 5 acre walkway and courtyard. If you want to relax, immerse yourself in the sounds of a running fountain, and enjoy its unique and fascinating public art sculptures and installations, this is where it’s at.

Sometimes, when Travelin’ Local, I’m amazed at the treasures that can be found just by happening to be at the right time at the right time, or just looking around, which is how I landed smack-dab in the middle of Figueroa Courtyard.

Upon entering the courtyard, and barely visible in this shot, are the waterfalls that stand guard above each side of the sidewalk flowing down from its two sided concrete entrance mount. The molded spheres of different sizes and textures add a three-dimension to the landscape. Here’s a closer shot:


What I found most amazing about this location, was that each time I turned a corner, a new discovery crossed my path:

Ronald Hines Scultures

These whimsical and colorful outdoor installations and sculptures were completed by the artist, Ronald Hines. The well-placed and thought-provoking pieces added a degree and kind of aesthetic that’s rare when you just sit on a park bench, or traverse from or to the office structures. Blending with the landscape, they were aptly appropriate and seemed quite natural, despite their unusual design and structure; perhaps that was the objective of the artist and it certainly accomplishes his goal. I would return in a heartbeat to just sit on one of its park bench’s to enjoy the courtyard and public art. Even though it was very hot the day I was there–the temperature was at least 10 degree cooler inside the courtyard’s landscaped setting.

As I continued my unexpected journey and walk through the courtyard, I found this unique water arrangement:

Figueroa Fountain

With its crisscrossing paths of colored tiles, rock formation, round rock spheres, and its rotating fountain streaks of water, its especially appealing for both the eye and mind, as its relaxing sounds of water falling removes you—albeit temporarily—from feeling like you’re still in the big city.

Looking beyond the fountain, the next entry point to enter is the portion of the shaded walkway, with its festivity of plants, trees, and grass:

Winding Sidewalks

Continuing along the winding sidewalk, you’ll walk by the perpendicular peppered colored tile designs that gently invite you to move closer toward the area, to the three additional outdoor sculptures by Ronald Hines. His aesthetic is soothing yet allows you to feel itss physical experience, while the various metals, materials, color combination’s, content, and ideas appeal to the psyche. For what is art, but to see what the artist intends for you to see and to ponder?

La Laurena

When you’re ready to leave, the city welcomes you with open arms, ready for our next public art adventure.

3rd and Figueroa

With a different location initially in mind, I discovered something totally unque while Travelin’ Local. Now, I have a great excuse to go back to my original destination, so another Figueroa Street story is not far off.

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