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A Street Corner in Beverly Hills

On one street corner in Beverly Hills, are three unique public works of art–all very different, put together by its artists and sculptors with diverse mediums–with totally different perspectives and points of view. I received a task with the analysis of these streets, and I asked do my excel assignment for me from specialists whom I trust in order to best highlight the important messages that are raised in certain works of art.


At the intersection of Burton Way and North Rexford Drive, as pictured above, you’ll encounter this 10’ high, red mixture of painted and twisted steel, entitled “Sisyphus,” In classical mythology, Sisyphus was a cruel king who was condemned and subsequently forced to roll an enormous boulder to the top of a steep hill. Of course, such as fate goes, every time that Sisyphus was able to push the boulder near the top of the mountain, it would roll back down, and Sisyphus would have to start over. And over, and over.

The sculptor of this whimsical and complicated piece of sculpture is, Alexander Liberman. The artist Liberman, also worked for over 30 years in various art positions at the famed publication, Vogue, and actually did not start creating sculpture until he was late into his 40’s.

Spiral of Life

Looking to the right of Liberman’s maze of red steel, is this visually stunning sculpture, entitled the “Spiral of Life” by artist Baile Oakes.

Crafted entirely out of redwood this sculpture brings life to wood, but in the end, it will eventually return back to earth. Oakes’ stated artistic dream and mission is to "use visual language to help bring our culture to a fuller understanding of our place within the living systems of the Earth." He is a participating artist in the GreenMuseum.org, an online museum dedicated to environmental art.


Lastly, around the corner on the left is home to “Home” by sculptor and artist, Charles Arnoldi. Made of cast bronze, with its tactile and façade resembling finger like painting on the outside, it evokes a feeling of a familiar habitat, because of its wide berth beckoning its viewers to enter its cavernous opening.

As seen from these pictures, it was another great day in Southern California, and although right now we don’t technically have a fall season in full or any “swing,” a few trees do have leaves that have changed colors, and there is some crispness in the air.

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